Cedar Outdoor Furniture Handcrafted One Piece at a Time! 

We are glad you are hear to learn about Cedar Outdoor Furniture and how the dream started.

Our family business began in 1984 when Dan began building picnic tables and began selling on State Highway 13 and Country Road V in Spencer WI. In less than three years it had become a full-time business and using his parents garage was no longer large enough.

Spencer, WI Manufacturing Facilities and Office
Spencer, WI Manufacturing Facilities and Office building Cedar Outdoor Furniture

In 1989, the property was purchased on State Highway 13, located between Spencer and Marshfield, leading to the construction of the first shop. The following year saw the addition of a 5,000 square foot warehouse.

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The Start of Cedar Outdoor Furniture Onli

At the outset, all furniture was crafted from pine, but in 1990, Western Red Cedar was introduced to the product line. By 1994, cedar sales had grown significantly, leading to the discontinuation of the pine line. Simultaneously, a dealer network expanded across the Midwest, covering Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

In 2007, we built a new shop and office building, adding 3,500 square feet. This building’s heating system uses an outdoor wood furnace to heat water, circulated through the floor. We also use wood scrap for heating. The office space met our growing needs, while the shop provided storage for lumber and product completion. Over the years, we added equipment like a dust collection system, wide-belt sander, joiner, and other sanding tools for increased productivity.

Cedar Outdoor Furniture has always been popular but not always easy to find.  With the internet and the personal computer soon one company like ours with an online presence can find new customers in places far beyond their usual 50 mile radius.

In the slow years of the great-recession the shop retooled and started a new line of patio furniture that we call the Ozark Collection. It features contoured seats and a higher back. It is now the best seller of all our patio lines.

Picnic Tables boxed up and ready for shipping
Picnic Tables boxed up and ready for shipping.

Selling Cedar Outdoor Furniture Online

In the early years of the internet we published our first website and started to sell our products online. In 1998 we sold our first picnic table to a customer in California and within 4 more years online sales were 42% of our annual sales. Last year our online sales surpassed all other years and were 92% or our total yearly sales. We have shipped to all 50 states and to Canada and Italy.

Everyone in our family helps in some way to make a true “family business”. We start young with age appropriate jobs. Sweeping leads to jobs with more responsibility. We are teaching our boys responsibility and the value of work, use of their God given talents and understanding how to make money and the spending of it.

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We hope you decide to make a purchase from us and in turn we will give you a well-made Cedar Outdoor Furniture products that will be a part of your yard for many, many years!


Dan and Rhonda Anderson Family

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