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44″ Hexagon Picnic Table


56″ Hexagon Picnic Table


Cedar Hexagon Picnic Tables

Our Most Beautiful design!

Cedar Hexagon Picnic Tables are strong, practical and seat lots of people.

Hexagon Top

Small Top 44″
Large Top 56″

…and Hardware Choice:
Standard Zinc Coated or upgrade to Stainless Steel

We will build your table, disassemble it, mark all the pieces, box it up, and ship it to you!


For over 38 years the Cedar Hexagon Picnic Table has been a top seller.  The first one was built in 1985 and immediately the Hexagon style took the lead in all picnic table sales.  In the second year we were already selling over 100 per year.


The Hexagon table tops are built with a 30 degree parquet pattern.  All the ends are nicely capped off with a cedar strip for a beautiful finished look.  It is also nice to sit down and to see the faces of everyone else at the table.  You can easily chat with anyone else seated around the table.  Playing games is also easier with tables with these designs.

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Our most Beautiful Table Top!

Our Hexagon Picnic Table design come in two great sizes. Both will seat 6 adults but the D56HT may allow up to 9 on it. They are constructed entirely of Western Red Cedar and completely screwed together. Table tops are built of clear lumber and fastened from the bottom for a nice smooth top.

All tables are cut out, put together, then marked and disassembled.