Easy Seating Picnic Tables

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Our groundbreaking design!

Home of “Easy Seating Picnic Tables”

Easy Seating Picnic Tables come in six convenient sizes suitable for both families and businesses.   They all will seat eight adults comfortably.  In addition the “Easy Seating” design ensures that everyone can sit down and get up without having to climb.


We construct easy seating picnic tables exclusively from Western Red Cedar.   The extensive bracing of the table design ensures minimal contact with your lawn!

We know that when you’re searching for outdoor furniture, you’re looking for quality, functionality and beauty in one easy package.

At Dan’s Outdoor Furniture, manufacturing all of our furniture is assembled using only screws and bolts that are guaranteed to deliver outstanding fastening strength and durability.  Additionally, to provide your piece with a finished look, all screws are countersunk. Lastly, the cedar for all furniture is sanded on both sides and edged with a quarter round bit for a beautiful smooth edge.


Make one of these outdoor easy seating picnic tables a unique and lasting addition to your home or business today.  Whether you’ve been looking for wooden picnic tables for a restaurant patio or your goal is to create a relaxing feel around your home or office, we think these tables will accommodate all of your needs.


Every table is shipped with easy assembly instructions.

Every “Easy Seating” table offers quick seating and provides a view of everyone seated. Since a customer first requested this style of table in 1986, we’ve built and shipped thousands all across the United States.

Easy Seating Picnic Table Designs in Western Red Cedar
Easy Seating Picnic Table Designs

Our groundbreaking design!

Home of “Easy Seating Picnic Tables”

Just walk around the seat and sit down.  Anyone, any age can use these tables!

Choose your Design:
Octagon, Round or Square

Small Top 45-49″
Large Top 56-61″

…and Hardware Choice:
Standard Zinc Coated or upgrade to Stainless Steel

We will build your table, disassemble it, mark all the pieces, box it up, and ship it to you!

We started building this design in 1986 and have now manufactured over 11,000 of them.  They are our most popular designs because of the ease of sitting down at the table.  It is also nice to sit down and to see the faces of everyone else at the table.  You can easily chat with anyone else seated around the table.  Playing games is also easier with tables with these designs.


In 2017 we received a phone call from a movie studio on the east coast and they were interested in purchasing several tables for an upcoming movie. We later found out it was the Woody Allen movie Wonder Wheel.

Here is a short clip of our tables with actress Kate Winslet.