45″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats


45″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats

(42 customer reviews)


Our Most Unique Picnic Table!

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Seats 8
  • Table Top is 45″ Across
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 96″ x 96″
  • Weight 220#
  • Available in “Standard Zinc” or “Stainless Steel Hardware”


45″ Square Top w/Backs on the Seats, Easy Access Picnic Table

There’s no better way to spend a beautiful summer day than to lounge in this uniquely designed red cedar picnic table with added seat backs for extra comfort. This charming, small patio table comes with an umbrella hole to easily add additional shade when you need it. Meticulously crafted from 100 percent Western Red Cedar, this table is spacious enough to accommodate your whole family (seats 8 comfortably) and will be an appealing focal point for social gatherings in your backyard. Crafted using our time-tested Medallion design, this 45″ easy access picnic table allows guests to slide into their seats with ease – ideal for accommodating customers at your crowded outdoor café or restaurant!

Dan gives quick details

Assembly Video

Dan shows the Western Red Cedar we use.

35 Second video of us preparing a table to ship out.


  • Medallion Square Top Tables with Backs on the Seats are comfortable to use for hours at a time.
  • Like all the Medallion Tables, it is built completely of 2×6’s.
  • Comes with umbrella hole.
  • Seats 8 adults.
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Height to top of Seats 34″
  • Width 96″ x 96″
  • Weight 220#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

42 reviews for 45″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats

  1. Heavy but built to last

    Nielsen from Dripping Springs, TX
    We have used our table for about a month now and like the backs so much. I have a bad back and have always hated sitting at picnic tables. But this table is both easy to sit down to and by leaning back I can sit for as long I want. It is heavy so we landscaped under and around it so we do not need to ever move it.

  2. Makes a great table

    Mr Meadow from Oak Bluffs, MA
    Needed a table and once I saw this design I wanted it. Well after our purchase and use of it I will say its a great design and we like it. Well worth every dollar.

  3. Glad we bought this table

    Allison Waldorf from Miami, FL
    We wanted a special table for our newly landscaped patio that would reflect our country feel. This table is so beautiful and functionable and comfortable it just checks every box! We have used it more than 10 times and it was one of those purchases you make and wish you had done long ago.

  4. 45 square picnic table with backs on seats.

    Raymond Debates from St Clair shores, MI United States
    Best gift fir my son ever. Dan made it so easy. Order, payment and delivery. My so put it together and said it was so cool and easy. It’s a gift that will last my lifetime for sure. Thank You Dan!

  5. 5 Stars

    Brent Lewis from Dysart, PA United States
    Excellent product

  6. Great Service

    Wendy Injayan from Palestine, TX
    We needed 4 tables and quick. Dan got them to us in just under 10 days. Thanks for your great tables and for helping us out when we needed you.

  7. Best style I ever saw.

    Christopher Sharp from Lexington, SC
    When looking at picnic tables online we found this square top with backs on it and even as we kept looking for some time after first seeing it, the design stuck in my head. So after much thought we bought one. It was very well packaged and it was easy to assemble. So now after using it for a couple of months, we love it. It is super easy to sit down to and the backs are perfect and allow you to really relax for long periods of time. We look forward to next summer when we can entertain again.

  8. Best picnic table

    Theresa Jones from Georgetown, TX United States
    We bought this table to put under our pergola to get the best seating possible. The quality is superb. The cedar wood is superb quality and the workmanship of how all the boards fit together make this table the best purchase you can buy. Looking forward to many years using this table. Outstanding quality and service. You will not regret this purchase!!

  9. Very nicely made picnic table!

    Susan Hess from Carson, IA United States
    Dan was friendly and answered all of my questions prior to purchasing this table. This purchase was for two handicapped adult women who are very short and their feet were able to touch the ground and it was just as comfortable for me and I am 5’10”. Excellent and easy to follow instructions, too. Love this table and the gals use it once or twice a day. I would highly recommend Dan’s products to anyone.

  10. Keeper

    Mando Loehrer from North Las Vegas, NV
    As soon as we saw this table we wanted it. Once we ordered and used it, well turned out it was everything we thought and more. The seats are wonderful, easy to sit at and strong. The seat backs are just the right height and are also strong. Pretty cool design on the seat bracing and how it all gets put together. Easy to assemble and super strong!

  11. Cool Table

    Bernadette Wellik from Brockton, MA
    We had never seen a table like this one and wanted it. Ordered it and it came well packaged and partial assembled. It was fun to build since it was already built in Dans shop and then taken back apart. It was well marked for reassembly. It is comfortable and strong and we feel the backs give it an appeal and usefulness that we have never had on a picnic table before.

  12. Beautiful

    Gloria Halaczkiewicz from Northbrook IL
    I almost bought this table last year, and waited until this spring… that was a mistake! I should have bought it right away. I absolutely love this table! Perfect size for up to 8 and the backs on the seats make it so comfortable! My husband assembled it and said it wasn’t hard at all just took about an hour. Love the cedar smell… smells so good! Wonderful design you get 5 stars Dan!!

  13. Great table

    Baxter Hill from Bolton MA
    This table fits perfect on our patio and we love the design of the seats. It is easy for all members of our family to use and we get great compliments from everyone that sees it. We recommend it!!

  14. High Quality

    Greg Ziegler from Willow Spring, IL
    Sometimes it is hard to tell from pictures online the exact quality of any product but we were very pleased with Dan’s picnic table with the backs on it. Everything was sanded to perfection and every edge was nicely rounded and smooth. We love the design of the table since we are older and sitting at an outdoor table is usually difficult. But not with this table. We love it and can’t wait for summer to use it regularly.

  15. Cool Table

    John Steichen from Yakima, WA
    Really liked the idea of this table when first coming across it online. Had some reservations on the way the seats are connected to the table but after talking to Dan before ordering he assured me that they would be secure and strong. So I ordered one and having used it for several months now, we are very happy with it and agree that the seats and backs are strong and ample to withstand the use of our family. The design is great and easy for us and my older parents to use with ease. Great product!

  16. Wonderful

    Chris Lamb from Frankfort, MI
    Comfortable and easy to use. We love our new table! Built very strong with lots of screws. Instructions to assemble were easy to follow. Great purchase and glad we found you.

  17. One of a kind

    Solbergs from Fairfax MO
    Really unique design and as soon as I saw it we had to buy one. Got it in a box on a pallet. It was well packaged and weighed about 300# (pallet included). Had our gardener assemble it and everything fit well and looks beautiful. Its even better than the pictures show. Just love it. So glad we found your table and will be enjoying it with our friends and family.

  18. Happy we bought it

    Dean Singh from Prior Lake MN
    Great Buy! Easy to Assemble, I did it in an hour. The umbrella I bought fit perfect! It has sustained a bit of wind, I love it!

  19. Beautiful

    Anonymous Person from Southport, CT
    It is very pretty in person! It took some time to put together but it wasn’t difficult. It is beautiful and well made and solid wood. I am very pleased and recommend it. Only problem now is I need more time to use it.

  20. Love the design

    Mike Petranek from Manitowoc, WI
    Knew right away when I saw this table that we had to have one. It was better than I even expected. Lots of solid cedar and lots of screws… its rock solid. The backs make it comfortable and add to its unique look. We are very happy with this table!

  21. Northern Ground

    Anonymous Person from WI
    Perfect break table for our customers/employees. Maintenance who put it together said it all fit like a glove.

  22. One of a kind

    Sandley from Washington DC
    So pleased with our new picnic table. We were attracted to the seat backs at first look, but really like the design and being able to be seated so easily and plus its all western red cedar. My husband knows wood well and says this is quality lumber it is built of. We sealed our table and it looks wonderful. Thanks Dan!!

  23. This is great!

    Parsons from Harrisburg, PA
    Loving our new table from Dan’s. Like the cedar and being able to see everyone. Great design and assemble wasn’t difficult at all.

  24. We love this table

    Anonymous Person from Elkhart IN
    Wonderful design and only one I’ve seen with backs! Got table quickly and free shipping also, can’t go wrong with that. Glad we found you.

  25. Better than I thought

    Anonymous Person from Colorado
    Ordered our table because of design and good price. When we received it we realized that it was an exceptional price for the quality. Highly recommend this table!

  26. Awesome

    Edwin Kelosky from Cleveland OH
    Love this table. So comfortable and easy to use. Glad that is came with an umbrella hole since ours is in the sun. Highly recommend.

  27. Nothing else like it

    Linda Deckard from Austin, TX
    I wanted my husband to build us a table and he said to look online and find one I like. I found the square table with backs on it and told him this is the one and well, he didn’t have the time or material needed so we bought one from Dan and Hubby assembled it and we were both happy. Great design and workmanship!

  28. Excellent!

    Gaucher’s from Conway, SC
    This is the second table we have purchased from Dan. Great products, we love this table. What a unique design!

  29. Perfect Table

    Baen Grabski from Leesburg, VA
    Thanks to Dan for an incredible table! We love this style and design. Great packaging and instructions. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!

  30. Wonderful

    Rich from Akron, NY
    Perfect table from workmanship to quality of the lumber. Love this design of table and never saw another one like it. Surprised my wife with it! Highly recommend Dan’s furniture!!

  31. Love it!!!

    William Boyd from Enterprise OR
    Very very happy with our new picnic table! Dan did an awesome job on it and runs a very reputable business. Great design from start to finish. Well worth the price paid!

  32. Perfect table for us

    Deuces from Houston TX
    Getting along in age we decided to purchase this table with the backs on the seats. It works very well for us and we do enjoy the back supports and the ease to which you can just sit down. Workmanship is outstanding! Cedar lumber is beautiful and sanded smoothly and rounded at the edges. We would highly recommend this item to all!

  33. Unique Table

    Breeze from Mooresville, NC
    We bought this table because we have never seen anything else like it and it would be practical for us. It is working out well and was easy to assemble and we really like the seating. Cedar is best!

  34. Very Nice

    Ira Carlson from Jackson, MS
    Good product and a pleasure to do business with you!

  35. I’d buy again

    Anonymous Person from Ashland, Mississippi
    Good table, nice guy Dan is.

  36. Just WOW

    Jerri Rubush from Southern Sunny CA
    We love our table! We searched for 2 years for the perfect picnic table and found it with you. Thanks for the superb service!

  37. Got it!

    USMC Pileman from Ashland, MS
    Thanks Dan for the table. We got it Tuesday and last night put it together. Good instructions. Love the table and have lots of family coming for the 4th and know it will fit in great with our patio. It was nice to do business with you and hope you continue to do well.

  38. AAA+++

    Mark Miller from suburbs of Atlanta, GA
    Love our table! Can’t say enough about the quality of workmanship. Can’t find anything like this anywhere else. Great service. We are well pleased.

  39. well built

    Tollerson from LA, CA
    We got this table about a month ago and like the design very much. It was worth the $$ we paid and quality like this isn’s cheep, but it should be useful for a very long time being built the way that it is.

  40. Great Idea

    Manfred’s from TN
    We love the backs to the seats and being able to sit without climbing over seats. Nice design.

  41. Great Table!!!!

    Joey and Janice Breleman from Hillsdale Ca United States
    Once I saw this table I had to have it. We got it in less than 7 days from the day it was ordered. My husband put it together with the help of my son in a little over an hour and it was not hard to do. Everyone who has seen it thinks its a great design and we love it! Thanks Dan!

  42. Perfect

    We needed a new picnic table and we didn’t find one that we really wanted until we saw the square one with the seat backs. So now having had it for a couple months we are loving it. It is comfortable and strong.

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