56″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats


56″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats

(43 customer reviews)


Our Most Unique Picnic Table!

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Seats 8 Comfortably
  • Table Top is 56″ Across
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 107″ x 107″
  • Weight 266#
  • Available in “Standard Zinc” or “Stainless Steel Hardware”


56” Red Cedar Picnic Table with Backed Benches

Be a top-notch host and give your friends and family plenty of room to stretch out in our 56” picnic table with backed benches. Designed to accommodate large groups, this comfortable and unique patio table provides ample legroom and dining space. Our 56” table top is the largest we offer, but assembly is still easy when following our intuitive instructions – you can even make it a DIY family project! Constructed from beautiful red cedar, this patio table will be the centerpiece that transforms your backyard into an outdoor venue that is the envy of your neighborhood.

Dan gives you a better look

M56ST Picnic Table with Backs on the Seats, Shop video

Assembly Video

Dan shows the Western Red Cedar we use.


  • Medallion Square Top Tables with Backs on the Seats are comfortable to use for hours at a time.
  • Like all the Medallion Tables, it is built completely of 2×6’s.
  • Comes with umbrella hole.
  • Seats 8 adults.
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Height to top of Seats 34″
  • Width 107″ x 107″
  • Weight 266#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

43 reviews for 56″ Square Picnic Table with Backs on Seats

  1. Dan has the good ones!

    Danelle Poremski from Hillsboro OR
    Our online search for a table led us to Dan’s Outdoor Furniture located in Spencer WI. We saw the seat backs and knew that was what we wanted. The ordering was simple and the table arrived in a large box about 10 days later. We made it a morning project and used it for lunch. Every piece fit perfectly and we even had extra screws when finished. Love the style and yes the backs are worth the extra they cost.

  2. It is huge

    Pat Gunter from Bellingham WA
    We wanted the biggest table we could find but didn’t really know that this design was available so once we saw it we fell in love and deceived to order it. It was very well packed in a big flat box and with the plans we got it all built in about an hour and 30 minutes. We have used it all summer and enjoy it and friends and neighbors can not stop talking about it either. One neighbor also ordered a different style of table from Dan and he likes it too. We would recommend it to those wanting a large table. We would certainly do it again.

  3. Worth the wait

    Melissa Previte from Estes Park, CO
    We actually thought it would take longer than it did, only 2 weeks. This is a big table and holds 12 if you put peeps between two others. Love the seating and it has lots of table space. Our table sits on a patio so we will not need to move it. It is heavy over 250#. Worth every dollar and will be back to get more items in the future.

  4. Very Satisfied Customer!

    Sam Geddie from Argyle, TX United States
    What a terrific company and product. We purchased the 56″ square picnic table with seat backs and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product. The table comes dissembled but the instructions were very clear on how to put the table together. I emailed Dan with a question and he responded very quickly. It’s built like a tank and we look forward to many years of use.

  5. Great place to gather

    G from Stewartstown, PA United States
    Great place for the family to gather, talk, and share some laughs over the food and beverage of your choice (Maryland Blue Crabs and beer at this house). The quality is excellent and Dan really takes customer service seriously. Thanks for all your help Dan.

  6. Great product, great service

    Molly Kincaid from Fort Collins, CO United States
    We are already recommending Dans Outdoor furniture. We got the largest picnic table possible and it came quickly with help from Dan. Thank you SO much!

  7. Excellent Picnic Table

    Philip Zimmerman from E. Falmouth, MA United States
    Everything involved with our purchase was perfect

  8. Really Big!

    David Valdez from Lewisville, TX
    In Texas we like everything big and no one I know owns a table like this one! It’s big enough for 8 adults and the backs make it comfortable for extended time outside. Ha, take that Covid!! Went with stainless screws and assembly was fun and a family project after supper. Thanks for a beautiful product!

  9. Very pleased!

    Emily from RICHMOND, VA United States
    Highly recommend this beautifully unique and functional picnic table. It arrived safely, just as promised. Took around 3 hours to completely assemble. Instructions were easy to follow, all hardware needed for assembly was provided. Perfect addition to our backyard!

  10. My Favorite Table

    Shon Broedell from Palm Beach Gardens, FL United States
    This table was instantly the talk of our campground. Large surface with plenty of seating with back to help you relax and your surroundings.

  11. Its BIG

    Leroy Cassetta from Milwaukee WI
    Glad we bought the larger size table. It easily seats 6-8 adults and has several times. We like the round top and the ability to see and talk to each person sitting at the table. That said, the table was ready for use in about 2 hours by following the step by step instructions with nice detailed pictures. Oh, we also went with the stainless screws too. This table is going to last a long time!

  12. Bigger the better!

    Keith Hieb from East Bridgewater, MA
    This is a large table and the largest I’ve seen. The clincher in buying it though was the seat backs. Great concept and after using it for a month now, we really like it and are glad we bought it.

  13. Well Built and Strong

    Lydia Libra from Seattle, WA
    We purchased 4 tables and have been using them for about 2 months. They are popular with our patrons especially with the elderly. The quality of the materials is excellent. We would recommend this table to others as well.

  14. Huge!!

    Beth Franko from Roanoke, IN
    We were looking for a large picnic table for our deck and bought this one from Dans Outdoor Furniture. It is a beautiful and huge table just like we wanted. We love the seat design and it is comfortable too. Glad we bought it!

  15. Awesome Table

    Leslie Smiley from Minneapolis MN
    Wow, our table it perfect. We needed a big picnic table and this one will do very well. We like the added comfort of the backs on the seats. No problems with getting it here and getting it together. Was fun! Thanks!

  16. Awesome

    Schwab from Salem, VA
    Shopped before Christmas for a table for our patio and found Dan’s Outdoor Furniture in Spencer WI building cedar tables. We narrowed it down to the large square top table with attached seats. We ordered one with the stainless screws and when it arrived by son and I put it together. It was not hard to assemble, as all the pieces were marked nicely for location and placement. We have used it a couple times during the warmer weekends and love it. Dan has done a beautiful job designing this table to be useful and practical and comfortable. It was well worth the price.

  17. Nice!!

    Paul Loman from Bailey Island, ME
    Ordered our table online after a long search for the perfect table. Found Dan’s website with many unique tables but focused in on the table with the backs on it. It was a wait of about 10 days for shipping it to our home. It was well packaged and the instructions were complete and easy to follow with pictures of each step. Using it for a couple months and we love it. It is easy to sit down at and has ample space for 8 adults. I gave it 5 stars and glad to see such a solid product from a nice small business in the Midwest!

  18. Perfect

    Gregg Homestead from Erie PA
    Bought this table for my wife and our new patio. The design is unique and fits our designed back yard. Everyone likes the way you sit down at it. I wondered if it would wobble or twist but it is very strong and stable. The lumber is cedar and it is beautiful. Every edge is round and smooth. Great table, buy one!

  19. Now this IS a Table!!

    John Clemenzi from Johnson City, TX
    Great product! Bought ours in May and we have used it all summer. It is the best design I’ve seen. Glad we bought it.

  20. Wow!

    Anonymous Person from Pittsville, WI
    Great table and we love it. Super big and love the backs. Never saw another table like it. Highly recommenced it to anyone that can afford it.

  21. Big, beautiful

    K Ireland from Houston, TX
    Awesome table. Love the design for sitting at the table. Very well constructed with lots of lateral bracing and such. Husband said he was impressed with the kind of good wood used. Its all western cedar. Love it!

  22. Recommend

    Tracy Schlosser from Kingston, NY
    This table rocks! Its big yet easy to get into. The cedar is beautiful. Assembly went ok with it marked and predrilled. Took me over 2 hours. Never saw one like this before and glad we bought it.

  23. What a table!

    John Foraker from Canterbury, NH
    Never saw another table like this one, so I bought one. We got it together in about 2 hours with the instructions. It was easy to follow. The lumber is beautiful and high quality cedar. They had the pieces all marked for location, sanded, predrilled and nicely rounded over all the edges. We have used it several times and are very pleased with our purchase!

  24. There it is, Perfect!

    Anonymous Person from Omaha, NE
    Really love our one of a kind table! Its big and strong. Like the cedar that is nicely sanded smooth and the edges are not sharp like others I’ve seen. Great purchase, highly recommend this table!


    thomas armstrong from herndon, VA United States
    Looking forward to decades of family memories with our new picnic table. This isn’t some box store piece of junk that is going to fall apart and rot after a few years. Awesome quality and beautiful wood, easy to assemble! Doesn’t get better than that!

  26. Massive

    JJ Blankenship from Boston Mass
    Love this huge table!! We have a large family and several that are older and the backs on this table are fantastic for them to relax in. We enjoyed assembling the table with concise instructions. We went with the stainless screws upgrade and fell we got a very good deal even though this table really has no competition.

  27. Awesome and Beautiful

    Richardson from Franklin, IN
    We are so happy we bought this large square table. The backs are comfortable and the wood is beautiful. Smells nice too. I’m not the handiest but this table is not hard to put together with the instructions with pictures. Great design, we love it!

  28. Bigger is better in TX

    Hollester from Fort Worth, TX
    Googled “supersize cedar picnic table with backs” and found Dan’s Outdoor Furniture in Spencer WI as the number one hit. We didn’t have to look any further. Ordered it, got it in about 15 days assembled it in about an hour and love it. Its everything we wanted. Strong sturdy and of beautiful cedar.

  29. Wonderful

    Johnson from Jamestown, MO
    Great table from material used to design and function. I know a good product when I see it and what was shipped to me was even better than what was shown. I will be back to make more purchases!

  30. Love IT!

    Eugene Swasey from Orlando, FL
    Happy to report that we absolutely love this table we purchased this fall. Great design and love the big size for easily seating us all. Highly recommend!

  31. Love cedar

    Deb Bingham from Ferndale MI
    Very pleased with our new cedar table. I’ve bought cedar locally for some small projects from our local DIY and have never seen lumber as nice as our table is built with. Love the design and the experience of buying from Dan’s Outdoor Furniture.

  32. Great Idea

    Beckers from OK City, OK
    Pretty unique style of table that we love. Solid cedar and bolt and screws for fasteners. Love the design and enjoy showing it off to our friends and family.

  33. Great Table!

    Weinstein from IL
    Knew when we saw it we had to have it and couldn’t be happier! No trouble seeing everyone and getting a seat. Just buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  34. WOW

    Linda Valentine from Richmond VA
    Love it so much! Thanks for the great product that we bought. Used it with company this summer and got lots of compliments about how useful it is. Never saw another table like it. It was great doing business with Dan!

  35. Worth every penny

    Anonymous Person from Glastenbury, CT
    Excellent design, fit, form and function! We have cedar everything and this is perfect in our backyard. Great experience working with Dan from ordering to finally using our perfect table.

  36. Quality product!

    Margaret Kormann from Park Hills, MO
    Bought our table from Dan after a long online search. Table was packaged well and was a fun project for my husband and boys to put together. Love the cedar smell and craftsmanship. Excellent thoughtful design that we’ve never seen anywhere else. Seats are comfortable and easy to access. Highly recommend this table.

  37. incredible table!!!

    Susan Jennings from Williamsberg, VA
    We love our table. Never saw another table like it either. We like the large size of the top and to relax with the seat backs. We entertain a lot and will use it every week this summer. Thanks for building such an excellent product!

  38. love it

    George Parkins from Janesville WI
    Great design and was perfect for our patio. Awesome workmanship!

  39. What a find!

    KK Holling from West Coast CA
    After searching online we found Dan’s tables and decided to purchase one. Very happy and wanted to let others know of the excellent product that we have. Lead on my man!

  40. Incredible!

    April & Jacob Winters from New Jersey
    Needed a big table and this was it. Love the size and like to be able to lean back.

  41. Perfect for us

    Anonymous Person
    Very nice product, solid.

  42. Awesome

    Horrace Blackman from LA CA
    Great big huge table! Love the backs!

  43. Very nice!

    Horace Blanchard from Park Hills MO
    We bought this table for our Ozark home and love, love, love it! We entertain company a lot and now we can all see each other and relax in comfort. Dan makes nice stuff!

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