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Hillsfield Collection

Cedar Hillsfield Patio Furniture is simple in design but big in strength.  Built of beautiful Western Red Cedar and held all together with screws.  The Hillsfield Collection covers all the bases with chairs and benches in many sizes and designs.

Western Red Cedar
-2×4 legs and framing
5/4×4 Seats
5/4×6 Backs

Solid frame construction of the Cedar Hillsfield Patio Furniture will support great weight loads.  As well as that the simple design will blend into your patio or yard because of its low profile and straight lines.

The Cedar Hillsfield Patio Furniture was born in 1984.  The design in a popular magazine at the time was all Dan Anderson needed to build a couple of concept pieces and soon those became production products.  Today the lines has grown to include many popular items.

Chair, Rocking Chair, Loveseat, Rocking Loveseat, Lounge Chair, Planter Chair, 48″ Park Bench, 60″ Park Bench and a variety of Ottomans and Oval Tables to compliment the lineup.

Thousands of pieces of Hillsfield furniture have been manufactured and sold and we know of many of them are still being used after 30-35 years.  In 1986 Figis of Marshfield WI purchased several benches and chairs to add seating around their new pond and headquarters building.  Today you can still drive by and see this furniture along south Central Ave.

If you are looking for well built solid simple benches and chairs this style is for you. We have been building our Hillsfield design of furniture for over 38 years and have shipped them all over the United States direct to our customers. All are built of Western Red Cedar and are screwed together to last for decades.

Rocking or Adirondack: Which Cedar Chair to Choose?

Our collection includes the Chair, Rocking Chair, Lounge Chair, Love Seat, Tete-A-Tete, Ottoman and Oval Table.

All chairs are cut out, put together, then marked and disassembled. Your assembly time will vary with your abilities but should be less than 20 minutes. A drill, ruler and some sandpaper are required for assembly. Detailed instructions will accompany your purchase.

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