48″ Park Bench


48″ Park Bench

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Everyone needs a Park Bench!

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Height 35″
  • Depth 26″
  • Length 48″
  • Weight 39#


4′ Park Bench

48″ Park Bench is just the right size for 2 adults.
Enjoy it by putting it on your porch, deck, in the backyard, around the fire-pit or just off your hiking trail in the woods.
The strong reinforced back makes sitting more comfortable.
All edges rounded over.

See what else we can do!

Our 5′ design with some cool options!

Dan shows the Western Red Cedar we use.


  • Easy to move around.
  • Built of 2×4 stock.
  • Seats 2 Adults
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Height 35″
  • Depth 26″
  • Length 48″
  • Weight 39#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

17 reviews for 48″ Park Bench

  1. Love the cedar

    LCM from Prospect Heights, IL
    Four benches have been set on our trail system in places of great views and so far patrons are happy to see them and use them. We would recommend them!

  2. Great Gift

    Jen Kelly from Central WI
    Love my bench from my employer. It is nice to be appreciated at the workplace!

  3. Simple and strong

    Anonymous Person from Pinson TN
    We wanted a simple bench for our trails on our property and purchased two. Work great and fit in with the woods. Thanks!

  4. Yahhhh

    April S from GA
    Thanks for our beautiful bench. Its just what we wanted.

  5. AAA+++

    Anonymous Person from WI
    Thanks for the beautiful bench.

  6. Very happy with our bench

    Jeacher from IL
    Thank you for building good solid products. I have 3 pieces now and each are build well and are holding up great.

  7. Perfect Size

    Hazel Simpson from Columbus, OH
    Love our bench. It is simple and perfect for our entry door area for taking off shoes.

  8. great

    HR from Pittsville, WI
    Love our bench and use it every day. Bought one over 20 years ago from you. Now we give them as gifts to our children!

  9. Good Stuff

    Paula Acura from Cable, WI
    Wanted a solid bench and Dan had just what I was looking for. Thanks!



  11. Just right

    Kohls from Lake Solberg
    We love our bench. Its been screwed to the dock and now we can fish and watch the sunsets and know it won’t blow into the lake.

  12. Nice

    M Anderson from Lincoln Park, MI
    We like our bench very much. Glad we went with the cedar.

  13. Perfect

    Olive Green from Jasper, AL
    Great simple bench… pleased with your craftsmanship!

  14. Well Built Bench

    Handley from Grafton, MA
    We are pleased with our benches and enjoy the cedar aroma wafting from them.

  15. AA++

    Laura Lee Kenyon from Littleton, CO
    We would recommend this product for it is simple and yet useful and well built.

  16. good size

    Anonymous Person from Wausau WI
    Nice simple park bench but built well and love the smell of the cedar!

  17. Brent Frediani

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for supplying these details.

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