Ozark Patio Furniture

The Cedar Ozark Patio Furniture Collection

Cedar Ozark Patio Furniture is the result of taking a good product and making it great.  Using the same bones or frame as the Hillsfield Patio Furniture line we added a comfortable contoured seat with 1″ cut out and curved for added comfort.  Sure you can sit almost anywhere for a short period of time.  However if you need to remain seated for an hour and you will want to have a bit more comfort.  Without a doubt the contoured seat will more than double your time spent in one place.


In addition to this we also turned the backs to a vertical look and cut a nice rounded pattern to each board.  The seat backs are now also over 7″ higher to support your shoulders and head.

The Ozark Patio Furniture line has a full line of Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Tete-A-Tete’s, Loveseats and Loveseat Rockers.  Ozark Cedar Patio Furniture is built solid and strong and will be around for decades.

The Ozark collection is our newest design and has durability and style built out of long-lasting Western Red Cedar.

This collection has higher backs and contoured seats to fit your body. The backs are built with 5/4×6 stock and the seats are 5/4×4. All are built to last with screw construction.

Since 1984, Dan’s Outdoor Furniture, a family-owned business, has crafted over 40,000 pieces of Western Red Cedar outdoor furniture nationwide.

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