49″ Octagon Picnic Table with Easy Seating


49″ Octagon Picnic Table with Easy Seating

(93 customer reviews)


Our Most Popular Table!

    • All Screw Construction
    • Seats 8
    • Table Top is 49″ Across Corners
    • Table Height 30″
    • Width 76″ x 76″
    • Weight 157#
    • Available in “Standard Zinc” or “Stainless Steel Hardware”
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49″ Western Red Cedar Octagon Picnic Table

This octagonal table is hand-constructed of high-quality western red cedar and is able to seat 8 adults. Like all the tables in our collection, this model is assembled with screws, ensuring that it is beautiful and remains strong for years. Choose from standard Zinc or upgrade to Stainless Steel.

Our unique easy-seating design has been our trademark for over 32 years now. This design eliminates the need to climb over benches in order to sit down or get up, and is perfect for high-traffic areas such as restaurants or cafes, or for patrons facing mobility challenges.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a backyard table that’ll make you the talk of the neighborhood or a business owner looking for a functional wooden octagon picnic table for sale at the most affordable price, we think you’ll love this unique table design.

Assembly Video

The Table that put us on the Map!

35 Second video of us preparing a table to ship out.

2017 Woody Allen Movie “Wonder Wheel”


  • Medallion Octagon Top Tables are very sleek and with all the corners cut off, this makes for one of our most popular tables.
  • Like all the Medallion Tables, it is built completely of 2×6’s.
  • Comes with umbrella hole.
  • Seats 8 adults.
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Assembly Required

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 76″ x 76″
  • Weight 157#

93 reviews for 49″ Octagon Picnic Table with Easy Seating

  1. Working well for us

    Patrick Singh from Los Alamitos, CA
    We should have purchased this table a long time ago. I’ve always had trouble using regular picnic tables but this is made in such a way that you can easily sit down. Great idea and we love it.

  2. Works Well

    Don Winn from Powell OH
    Easy to put together and great design.

  3. Just like our neighbors!

    Rick Greenfield from Melrose, MN
    We first saw Dan’s products that our neighbor bought last year. We bought the same 49 octagon table top. It is great for when your legs don’t bend so good anymore. We love it and are hoping to buy another one for a gift soon.

  4. Just like our neighbors!

    Rick Greenfield from Melrose, MN
    We first saw Dan’s products that our neighbor bought last year. We bought the same 49 octagon table top. It is great for when your legs don’t bend so good anymore. We love it and are hoping to buy another one for a gift soon.

  5. Working Great

    Anne Harmon from Oakdale, NY
    This is a great design and easy to use. I wish I would have had the space for the larger table but we have a tight spot and this one does fit well.

  6. Great product

    Anonymous from Sunnyvale, CA United States
    I purchased the picnic table for my gazebo. The product is absolutely of the highest quality and extremely well made. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a picnic table.

  7. Fantastic Table

    E Shook from Ipswich, MA
    Great table and love the design of the seating. Shipping was delayed due to people not going back to work here on the east coast, but that was not Dans fault. Great communication and would buy it again.

  8. Vacation times here we come!

    Chris Sirois from Chicago IL
    Taking this table to our hideout in WI. Got it quick and was easy to put together. Up at the lake we hope to use it for a long time as well as it is built! Thanks Dan for the super service!

  9. 49″ octagon pick table

    Stephen Blakney from Dover, NH United States
    shipment arrived finally, after sitting two weeks in a warehouse in Massachusetts. No fault of Dan’s, as the shippers were short handed and had COVID issues. Have not put the table together yet, but will be doing that soon.

  10. Super Nice Table

    LI from Dowagiac, WI
    This is the best table I’ve ever owned because of the seats and how easy it is to sit down at. Great smelling cedar too.

  11. Worth every penny

    Philip Jones from Anchorage, AK
    Yes it was shipped all the way to me in Alaska! Took about 3 weeks and in our time that is excellent. We fell in love with the design when we stumbled upon Dan’s website, but having it and using it we feel that it was the best choice for us being older and being able to use it by just sitting down. Great product and hats off to Dan for a wonderful online buying experience.

  12. Better than others

    William Kimmes from Fort Lauderdale, FL
    We bought 2 tables for our patio area and after having them for 3 months would say the only thing I would change is why didn’t we buy them sooner. This seating is great and we like the octagon design while being together.

  13. Great Gift

    Edie Scaife from Sharon Hill, PA
    This table is solid and strong and looks great for my daughter to return to from her honeymoon. We assembled it from the instructions and found it simple and fun to do. Thanks!

  14. Good Stuff

    Todd McClendon from Port Huron, MI
    Very solid and well built table. Using it most every day now that the weather has broken. Will be telling our friends and family where to get their own.

  15. Super Table

    Jeffery Dupont from Clearwater Kansas
    Needed a picnic table due to being locked up at home. Dan sent us his number one seller and we agree that it is a great design and it is build to last. The cedar was amazing and smells great unboxing it.

  16. Thanks Man!

    Dan Cleveland from Boulder City, NV USA
    Glad we found you guys actually in business in the winter to get us a gift for Christmas. We bought two tables for your grown children that both have families and needed one. They love the shape and design. The Elves that live in WI did a great job filling our order!

  17. Needed and working out well

    Resolute Systems from Fort Worth, TX
    Using 4 tables in our outdoor customer relations welcome area. Great design and Dan worked with us to get them here in record time.

  18. Very Sturdy

    Rick Montessori from Lynden, WA
    Yes, we love our table. It was a simple purchase to go with cedar since it is our native wood. Just too bad we couldn’t find one to purchase from a local company. I talked to Dan to see where his cedar comes from and he said it was BC trees being milled in Washington. He buys truckloads of cedar and has been doing these tables for over 30 years. I was impressed with his business and so we made our purchase. The table came in a nice square box on a pallet and made the trip in great condition. It took me about 30 minutes to get it together. If you can follow simple instructions and use a cordless drill you will have no trouble. We love the table and its design is what sold us. Buy one!!

  19. Very Nice

    Elisabeth King from Exland WI
    Hey, wanted to give you a nice review on our table. It is perfect for our family of 6 and we have enjoyed it for the entire summer. We like the seats and how easy it is to come into the table. I have a bum leg and have trouble with traditional tables and ours is no trouble to use. We also like the fact that you can carry on a conversation with anyone at the table since you look at everyone. Thanks for a natural alternative to all the fake materials on the market.

  20. Holding up great…

    Angela Pavlechko from Savannah GA
    We purchased the 49″ Octagon Table and 2 Patio Lounge Chairs. They came quickly were well packaged and smell so good. We put them all together in about 2 hours on a weekend. The table is solid and strong and we like playing cards so it works great to be able to see everyone and talk to them without others in the way. The chairs are nice too, but haven’t used them myself but our kid’s like them.

  21. Working out well

    Paul McKenzie from New York, NY
    Purchased 6 tables in all in 3 shipments. Got one first to be sure of quality and sizing. Bought 3 more and finally two after that. All were superb in wood quality and finish. Worked with us in shipping details and dates. Very easy to contact and I talked to Dan several times while calling. AAA+++

  22. Neat

    Andy Sturniolo from Madison WI
    Table is working out great for us. Thanks for the info and answering our questions.

  23. Good stuff!

    Roth from Steven’s Point WI
    We have know Dan for many years and when we need something for our yard we also come to him. We just replaced our 6 foot table with a nice octagon one. Wow, we should have done this years ago. We like the seat design and as we get older it sure is convenient.

  24. Cedar is king!

    Frankin Webster from Signal Mountain, TN
    Our new cedar picnic table is wonderful. Easy to use and since we entertain a lot we like being able to see everyone while using it. All the pieces fit like a glove into the already assembled top. In about an hour we were done. Great company to deal with!

  25. Rock Solid Table

    Mindy Lagana from Blue Grass IA
    Easy to get into and we love our table. Fun to play games on because you can see everyone. Glad we bought it!

  26. Yes!!

    Karen Beggs from Jacksonville FL
    Love it, buy one!!

  27. Quick

    Jonathan Fulmer from Plainfield, IL
    Hey thanks for working with us to get us this table for Christmas. Can’t wait to see their reaction! This is our 2nd table.

  28. Design is great!

    Laura Fullerton from Marion Ohio
    This is the best picnic table I have even used and so glad that it is MINE! Quick and easy purchase online. Table was well packaged and came with the top already assembled and very easy to follow instructions. Ours was ready to use in 50 minutes. All sanded smooth and the cedar is so beautiful. Think we may buy another for a Christmas gift for someone special.

  29. Excellent in every way

    Frederick Kline from Orion, MI United States
    We highly recommend Dan’s Outdoor Furniture. We initially had some questions and Dan himself called us and was friendly and professional. Our table arrived promptly and we have been very pleased with it. The quality is excellent and it is a sturdy and attractive table.

  30. Fits patio like a glove

    KLD from Appleton, WI
    Well built table and like the seats very well. So easy to use. Very well packaged. Instructions were clear and easy to use.

  31. best design

    Anonymous Person from USA
    love this table and recommend it. solid cedar and very solid.

  32. Great Design

    Henry Schiek from KY
    Very happy with our table. We sealed it and it is beautiful. Went with the stainless screws. Packaging was secure and protected well. Dan runs a super cool small business and goes all out to provide great service and product.

  33. Awesome table

    Susie Rickett from Dedham, MA
    Found this table on Amazon and then found that they were also sold on their own website for $100 less. Got a great deal on a wonderfully made octagon table. Love it and using it a bunch.

  34. Great Service

    Anonymous Person from Houston, TX
    Ordered 5 tables and got them in less than 10 days. Thanks for building a solid well built table for commercial purposes. My guys got them all together in one afternoon.

  35. Best table ever

    Alejandro S from Austin
    Got our table in a speedy manner and its a good one. Better than pictures show and getting it together was a snap. Glad we found Dans furniture.

  36. Works great!

    Howard Powers from Glendale Arizona
    We are happy with our table. Talked to Dan before ordering and felt at ease with our purchase. Great product all the way around. If you like what you see in the pictures you will love what you get!

  37. Love our table

    Ellen Cannon from Naples, FL
    Just a perfect table for us. Needed an octagon design for our new patio and after searching and narrowing it down to two tables I called and talked to Dan. He answered my questions about assembly and how it is packaged and shipped. Love the cedar since as a family we try to avoid chemicals as much as possible.

  38. This is worth buying!!

    Richard Tappin from Kingston, NY
    Product was better than we even thought it would be. Great packaging, assembly was easy with the step by step instructions. Great design with very nice craftsmanship of the cedar.

  39. Wonderful

    Dupee from North Carolina
    I didn’t like making a purchase like this without touching/sitting at the table but did anyway. Have to say this is a high quality product and we are very pleased with out new octagon table. Love the seating arrangement and the cedar is top grade! We will be back to purchase more.

  40. Good strong table

    Kilborn from Gatlinburg, TN
    This is an awesome table. Pleased with the purchase online, shipping of the product and clear instructions to assemble. Top notch all the way!

  41. Worth every penny

    Harlow Evenson from CA
    Very nice product. I was hooked when I found Dan’s tables… we love the design and the attention to detail in craftsmanship is second to none.

  42. Very pleased!

    Paul Christiansen from Carson City, NV United States
    Quite happy with the table, excellent workmanship and packaged and labeled correctly. Took us a little over two hours for assembly, so I guess we are a little bit slow, but the end product is worth it. If you want a quality wood picnic table at a reasonable price I think you will find that this table offers a good value for your investment. I would feel comfortable recommending Dan’s Outdoor Furniture and their products to our friends.

  43. Great Design

    KK Detweiler from Cleveland, OH
    Glad that I found this table searching online. Purchase was simple, getting the table shipped was easy and assembly was pleasant. Our table is nicely sanded, smooth and we especially like the rounded off edges. I was drawn to the design and after using it we love it. Bravo to a fine business!

  44. Awesome table

    Michael from MI United States
    Very nice table and easy to assemble. Top notch quality and customer service. Highly recommend Dan’s Outdoor Furniture for all of your outdoor furniture needs. Excellent work, Dan and crew!

  45. Beautiful

    Hoffman from DC
    Finishing our back yard project and got a large octagon picnic table from you. It is perfect and we love it. Thanks You!!

  46. Wasn’t hard at all

    Olsons from New Hampshire
    Was a bit hesitant about having to assemble what looks like a complicated style of picnic table, but with all the parts precut and marked and also predrilled it only took about 25 minutes and we were using it. Came on a big semi truck packed on a pallet. Great purchase would do it again!

  47. Always wanted one

    AH from Maine
    Finally got my dream picnic table. Excellent material and workmanship. Love the design. Great purchase beginning to end.

  48. WOW Incredible Table

    Kalahan from Boston
    Great table in every way. Love the design and the western cedar is the best I’ve seen. Buy it!!!

  49. Dream come true

    Jenson from Littleton, CO
    Always wanted an octagon picnic table and this one is just right for our family of 4. Love the way the seats are made and put on the table. Easy for everyone to sit down at. Price was very good and my husband said the cedar is better than he’s seen at DIY stores.

  50. We like it

    Kellner from KY
    Great table here its well worth the price.

  51. whoopwhoop

    Oppermeir from North Carolina
    Totally love our octagon table! Dans the picnic table man!

  52. Quality Table

    Mercers from Hope, AR
    I wanted my husband to build us a table but it never happened. Then I found this octagon design and we got one. Husband still got to assemble it so I gave him bonus points for that. All said, we love the table!

  53. Love them

    Brewerton, NY from Terence Timmins
    Purchased two tables and we are very glad we did. Great design and were not hard to put together. Glad we found you!

  54. Very Good Table

    Philip Dimitriou from Milwaukee WI
    Love our table and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Love the ability to sit down easily. We play cards a lot and will enjoy the table for doing that also.

  55. Great service!

    Robert Sorg from Nancy, KY
    Love our table! Excellent design and fit together perfectly. Getting lots of positive comments from everyone that sees and uses it. It was a pleasure doing business with Dan.

  56. love the smell of cedar

    Doris Derborn from Seattle, WA
    Perfect gift for Father’s Day, oh and he loves it. Wanted something unique and this fit.

  57. Found it, bought it, love it!

    Peter Davis from Cary, NC
    Purchase was simple and fast. Shipping was fast and well packed. Assemble was easy to follow. Table is great!!

  58. A+

    Philip Kraeuter from Panama City Beach
    Very happy with our table. Quick service and great product all the way around.

  59. Super Table!

    Jan Weber from Richmond VA
    This is a great table. It is built very well. The instructions were easy to follow for assembly and took us about 45 min. The seats are the real deal for sure, easy to use for everyone!! I recommend this table for sure!

  60. Great table

    Nancy Van Deusen from Cobleskill, NY United States
    We love this table. Easily seats 8 and creates a much more sociable meal setting than the traditional rectangle picnic table. Just wish we could add wheels for easier moving.

  61. Great

    PP from West Coast
    Its a great table.

  62. Cedar is nice!

    Allen Ortmann from Wichita, KS
    Very happy with our octagon table. Very good quality of cedar is used to make this table. The design is unique and drew me to Dans table.

  63. Buy it!

    82 Eateries from Rockville, MD
    Look no further, great design and excellent craftsmanship! Very happy with our purchase of your octagon picnic table.

  64. Thank you Dan!

    Robert Stump from Canterbury, NH
    Sealed the table yesterday and put it together today. It took less than an hour. All you can get in the NorthEast are pine tables but love the western red cedar. Very nice workmanship and go USA!

  65. Awesome!

    Dennis Skaggs from Easton, Maryland
    Put together your 49″ octagonal today… The instructions were brilliant and the end result is nothing short of a work of art! Rock on Dan’s Outdoor Furniture!!

  66. Incredible!

    Thom Lacey from Prospect, CT
    Awesome picnic table! Hands down perfect in every way, use, material and workmanship. Love cedar and there is no skimping in using it on our table. Solid, and very well built!

  67. Like this design

    Meg Beutel from Tallahassee, FL
    Hunted for a while for an octagon table and liked how this one has only the legs touching the ground. Others have large sections on the ground and with ours on the lawn didn’t know if that would sit well. I wondered if Dan’s design would twist when sitting on it, but discovered that it is very strong. This table is very well constructed and deserves strong praise. We really like it and recommend it!

  68. wonderful table

    AM from TN
    Happy with our octagon table. Just right for our family of five. Really like the seating. Seems very solid and well built of cedar.

  69. Awesome picnic table!

    Darlene Lyons from Houston, TX
    We love our octagon table. It was a pleasure doing business with a small American business. Your attention to detail was incredible. If your not sure if you should order, take my word and do it!

  70. Best table I’ve ever seen

    Matt Crooks from Deland Fl
    Awesome product. Was easy to assemble and we love the cedar. Excellent material and finishing.

  71. Like it!!!

    Reese Johnsen from Los Angeles, CA
    Great company, had a board damaged in shipping. Called and talked to Dan and had a new one before the end of the week. Love the design and carpentry work here.

  72. Awesome Table

    Mike from Raymore, MO
    Very well pleased with the table. Easy to put together. Very well thought out. Thanks for the awesome table.

  73. Fast

    KJ Robertson from Elgin, IL
    Got our table in 3 days in IL. Excellent table too… love the design and smell of cedar.

  74. Great picnic table.

    Lynn Schultz from Jefferson, MO
    Very nice doing business with you. We like our table very much.

  75. awesome table!

    Curly Sue Mason from SC
    Great design, great workmanship and great business to purchase from. We will be back to purchase more of this furniture.

  76. Happy

    Harry Blackwell from Harrisburg PA
    Really good table design!

  77. Great Table

    Lobner from Midwest Country Paradise
    Bought this table late summer and got it all together in a snap. Quality product here!!

  78. Incredible

    Kevin Solberg from Greenville
    We made our purchase and couldn’t be happier. I put it together in about an hour and everything fit perfectly. Thanks for the great service!

  79. wonderful product

    Anonymous Person from Ohio
    wonderful product

  80. Nice!!!

    Herman Kolh Family from Jackson, MS
    We love the table we purchased from you. The 49″ octagon is perfect for our family of 6. We will recommend your products to our family and friends.

  81. Ordered 2

    Tastee Treat from TEXAS
    Working great for our restaurant and public use. No doubt they will take all we can give them!

  82. Just what I was looking for

    Nathan Gebhardt from Kissimmee FL
    This is a well built design for an octagon table. Well packaged and not hard to assemble. Would highly recommend!

  83. perfect design

    Keilbels from Boston, MA
    Thanks for the table. We love it!

  84. great design

    Anonymous Person from jackson hole, wy
    we ordered 6 for our restaurant. customers enjoy eating at them and hold up to 8, but that is tight with adults. well built and the cedar smells really good.

  85. Love it!!!!!

    Sharon Bluhmn
    Got our table and put it together in about an hour. Everything fit perfectly. Love the design

  86. Really like it

    Harry J. from Lakewood CO
    I wanted a good strong table that will take the use and abuse of our large family and couldn’t be more happy with our purchase. Great well thought out design!

  87. Everyone likes it

    Ginger and Horrace McCalaster from St Louis, MO
    Got this table from you this summer and wanted to leave you feedback so others might also enjoy your wonderful table. We use it at least once a week and always get great comments from our friends about it. We love it and plan to purchase more when our children start their homes.

  88. octagon table

    Benson from South Carolina
    we bought this table and love it. great design and fits on our patio perfectly.

  89. Wonderful

    Roman Norton from Kansas City, MO
    Great design! We love our table!

  90. Happy, Happy

    Anonymous Person
    Nice product, and happy with it.

  91. Very Happy

    The Taylors from Collinsville, TN
    Wonderful design and we love the ease of sitting down. Love the smell of cedar.

  92. extremely satisfied

    Chuck Lyons from Buchanan, TN
    Dan, Just wanted to let you know that I received the picnic table and am extremely satisfied with it. My wife was apprehensive about my ability to put it together, but, your instructions and marking of the pieces made it easy even for a guy who is all thumbs.

  93. Great Design

    John Jacobs from New Bethlehem, PA United States
    This is a well built table and very easy to use.

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