4 Reasons to Buy a Children’s Picnic Table

Children Sized Furniture

Reasons to Buy a Children Size Table

Children need furniture their size, just like adults do.  That’s why we build a special table just the right size for children ages 2-8 to enjoy.  

Here are four reasons you should buy a children’s picnic table.

  1. A Children’s Picnic Table Assures Safety

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to children. They are designed to make it easier for children to sit and easily reach the table. The height of seats and tables are made specifically for children of small age. Along with it, the table is not too high, so the chances of falling are also significantly less.

Children’s Picnic Table with Seats

  1. Children’s Picnic Tables Are Versatile

A children’s picnic bench table can be an excellent choice for areas with space issues.  Light enough to easily move around and yet very durable.

The bench picnic table is ideal for different activities, making it versatile.

  1. Wooden Picnic Table with Attached Benches are Budget Friendly

Since the children’s picnic bench table sizes are small, the cost of these tables is also less than adult-sized tables. Additionally, its possible that not only your children will use this table but that your grandchildren may also.  Western Red Cedar can last for 20-30 years.

  1. Children Love Outdoor Space

Children love to play outdoors. They don’t like to be stuck indoors all day long. An outdoor seating arrangement will keep children motivated to study along with play. Along with it, they will get sufficient vitamin D from sunlight. Just 10-20 minutes of exposure to sunlight is beneficial for children.

Summing Up

Dan’s Outdoor Furniture is the one-stop destination for manufacturing top-quality children’s picnic tables. We make tables with rounded corners to prevent injuries. The height of the bench and tables are low enough that kids feel comfortable with them and won’t get injured or fall.  We hope this gives you several good reasons to buy a children sized table for your family.

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