Children’s Picnic Table with Seats


Children’s Picnic Table with Seats

(37 customer reviews)


Just for Kids all their Own!

Now available in two great sizes!

Don’t forget about the “littles”!  We have cedar children’s picnic tables just their size hand built of beautiful natural Western Red Cedar.

Our Kid’s Outdoor Picnic Tables are all Handcrafted of Western Red Cedar in Spencer, WI.  Cedar makes great outdoor products because of light weight, naturally resistance to decay, wonderful aroma and its beautiful colors.  It is also sap free and it does not warp and twist like other species.  A Little Tikes Picnic Table is just what all kids want and it will fit them perfectly.

A Children’s Wooden Outdoor Table make a great gift!  Why not give them a piece that’s perfectly sized, offering a space of their own?   Built of Western Red Cedar and all screwed together it will take all that the weather and kids can give it.  Little Tikes Picnic Table is worth every dollar!

My Granddaughter Benni is almost 2 years old she loves her little table.
Perfect for children ages 1-8.

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 20″
  • Width 36″
  • Length 48″
  • Weight 31#
Size 48 Inch  60 Inch
 Material 100% Western Red Cedar
 Construction  All Screw
 Table Height  20″
 Width  36″
 Length  48″  60″
 Weight  31#  41#
 Seat Height  11.5″


Just for Kids!

48″ or 60″ Children’s Picnic Tables are great for all the little ones in your family and the neighborhood.
Guaranteed not to tip over.
Seats 4-6 children comfortably.
All surfaces sanded smooth and all edges rounded over.

Dan shows the Western Red Cedar we use.


  • Kid size, just for Children
  • Built of 5/4×4″ stock.
  • Seats 4-6 Children.
  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Simple Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 20″
  • Seat Height 11 1/2″
  • Width 36″
  • Length 48″
  • Weight 31#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

37 reviews for Children’s Picnic Table with Seats

  1. Strong and Sturdy

    Grace Brown from Lexington, KY
    Best small table I’ve seen. Hold everything by 3 little ones need. Size is perfect for them ages 3-9

  2. Love the cedar

    Marie Okeefe from Clear Lake, WI
    Well built little table for our toddlers. Got it very fast and put it together myself.

  3. Sized right

    Barry Nolan from Granger, IN
    Our table is getting used by the kiddos and the cats so yes, we

  4. Solid

    Janet Pastene from Austin, TX
    Got our tables faster than expected. We assembled three of them in about 30 minutes. They are nice little tables perfect for our preschool age children. We planned to paint them but they are so beautiful we might varnish them instead.

  5. Finally scored with Dan’s Furniture

    Stephen Weeks from Blackwood NJ
    Very nice little table of pretty cedar wood. It was super easy to assemble and had great instructions. Like doing business with a good US company.

  6. Nice Tables

    Early Learning Center from USA
    We purchased three tables and they are well built and nice and smooth. Our use is for ages 2-5 and they have quickly found the tables to be the right size for their little bodies. Purchase was smooth, delivery was within days and we had not trouble at all getting them together. Approved by us to recommend to you.

  7. Bethany LaMois

    Bethany LaMois from Alexandria, VA United States

  8. Its a hit

    Kirah Venture from Saint Louis MO
    Our family loves this table. We have 3 tots all under age 7 and they use it daily and it is the perfect size for at least a few more years. We plan to get one of the octagon adult tables next year.

  9. Wonderful

    Marianne from Sarasota, FL
    We made a purchase of four of these small tables for our school system. They arrived well packaged and undamaged. They were assembled by our trades class of High School students in one class period. They have been used now for 3 weeks in our PreK recess area and are always being used and enjoyed. They are beautiful and smooth.

  10. Green and all natural

    Nicky Cleveland from Buffalo Grove, IL
    We try to avoid chemicals and chose the wooden cedar table for our kiddos. It came FedEx well packaged in a box and I put it together with my littles as our little project. Love it!

  11. Kids love it

    Dorota Whiting from Coral Gables, FL
    Just a quick note to tell others that we do indeed love our kids table. It is perfect in size for our grandkids ages 3 and 5. Love them being outside away from the lure of video games. Grandma W

  12. Using them everyday

    Encompass from CA
    Purchased 10 tables and they are solid and strong and smooth. Needed a natural material and what can beat real cedar!

  13. Perfect

    Alexander from Marion Ohio
    Wanted something safe for our kids to use… like the cedar wood. Was better than I expected, smooth and simple to assemble. Shipping was fast and packaging was excellent. Buy one!

  14. Perfect

    Day School from Riverside IL
    Bought 2 of your tables for our day care and so far they are great. Kids love to use them and they are just the right size for our preschoolers.

  15. Loving it

    Jerri I from Clarkston, MI
    Perfect size table for our family of 3 under 7. Wonderful service, quick shipping and excellent instructions. Hubby got it together in 10 minutes. Kids love it!

  16. Cute

    Nancy Hooks from Greenback, TN
    Perfect little pint size table for grandkidoos. Great service and product!

  17. Bravo

    Dog LLC from USA
    Very nice small table for the little tikes. Great instructions with pictures for assembly. Western Red Cedar is beautiful.

  18. Nice Table

    R Stump from Middleton WI
    Thanks for the beautiful kids table we recently bought.

  19. Fantastic Little Table

    Anonymous Person from Lakewood, CO
    Our kids love the table that is just their size. Great purchase all the way through.

  20. Incredible little table

    Ohlrich from Chicago, IL
    We love our new kids table and our 3 little ones are using it for their own picnics and playing. A blanket over the top and they have a quick fort.. who knew!

  21. Lovely table

    Anonymous Person from Casper WY
    Needed a natural product for our table and what is better that cedar… so we bought it, and it came by FedEx in less than a week. We are thinking about buying more items in teh future.

  22. A+

    Anonymous Person from USA
    Love it!

  23. Hard to find

    Findley from Ann Arbor MI
    We have looked for a table like this being cautious parents and buying natural “everything”. Love the cedar and natural is a nice fit. Very good quality of materials and design.

  24. Daycare nightmare solved

    Jungle House from Louisville, KY
    Needed some good tables for our business and purchased six of them. They are working out very well. Perfect size for our 2-6 year olds. We like natural products and food so the cedar was a great fit!

  25. Kiddos love it

    Mom in Mid-South from TN
    Purchased two of the children’s tables and we are using them a bunch. Very solid construction and like the natural cedar wood. Smooth wood and no sharp edges.

  26. Ordered Two!

    HG Nimmler from Jersey
    Got our tables quickly and were a snap to get together. Great quality and love the cedar in looks, aroma and workmanship!

  27. Crumb cruncher’s love it!

    Patty McCutcheon from Stow OH
    Went looking for a natural table that isn’t recycled or full of chemicals. Cedar was our choice from Dan. Perfect workmanship and quality lumber. Thanks for giving my children just what they wanted.

  28. Its just so cute!!!

    Meme Galusha from MN
    Grandkiddos love our new table. Love the size and excellent finishing/sanding of all the pieces!

  29. Kids love it!

    Kim Ormann from Allenton, PA
    Awesome little table just the right size for our kiddos. Love cedar!

  30. Kids Love it!

    JH Kohler from Southern US
    Perfect in size and function.

  31. Nice table

    Jodie de
    Solid cedar construction like I was looking for.

  32. Perfect for us!

    Mark Olsen from Virginia
    We love our little kids table. Love the size and the workmanship also. Thanks for shipping it so quickly!

  33. Kids love them

    Anonymous Person
    We purchased 2 of these for our preschoolers at our school in New England. Working out great! The craftsmanship is excellent!

  34. Awesome

    Anonymous Person from Texas
    Great table and our kids love it too! Well built!

  35. Nice furniture!

    Lisa from NYC
    We just ordered 7 of these for our daycare and couldn’t be happier. Nice size for children ages 2-6. We plan to paint them, but they are smooth and all the edges are rounded nicely. They smell so good!

  36. Nice

    Mary from Tampa FL
    We have a large family and enjoy eating outdoors many days. This table is perfect for our 4 children and as a mom I don’t have to worry about any man made chemicals to worry about… I love cedar!

  37. Nice

    jennifer wright from cooperstown, nj United States
    our children love this table. its just the right size and they use it all the time.

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