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Outdoor Children’s Picnic Tables

Don’t forget about the “littles”!  We have Children’s Picnic Tables just their size hand built of beautiful natural Western Red Cedar.

Kid’s shouldn’t have to struggle trying to use adult size furniture.  Our products are sized perfectly for children that are walking on their own up until they are about 8 years old.

100% Natural

In a world full of so many chemicals and man made materials our products are 100% Natural.  Made of beautiful western red cedar and carefully sanding each piece smooth.  Furthermore all the edges are rounded over with a quarter round bit.  Cedar will not rot and insects will not make it their home.  Sealing the surfaces will ensure that the table will stay smooth over time.

Western Red Cedar is perfect for Kids Picnic Tables because:

-Naturally Preserved to Resist Decay
-No Sticky Sap,
-Lightweight and Easy to Move
-Beautiful Color Patterns
-Wonderful Aroma

Finally furniture just their size!

Our Outdoor Children’s Picnic Tables are just the right size for your little ones ages 1-8. They are constructed entirely of 5/4×4″ Western Red Cedar and completely screwed together. All our outdoor kid size tables are built of clear lumber for a nice smooth finish.

All kids outdoor table are cut out, put together, then marked and disassembled. Your assembly time will vary with your abilities but should be less than 15 minutes. A drill, ruler and some sandpaper are required for assembly.

Dan’s Outdoor Furniture has been a family owned business since 1984.   Building over 32,000 pieces of western red cedar outdoor furniture for businesses and families all across the United States.

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