Universal 72″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)


Universal 72″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

(34 customer reviews)

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Unique, useful design!

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 76″
  • Length 72″
  • Weight 125#


Universal 72″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

Our Universal Table/Benches are built for lots of uses.
Four pins lock the table of bench as you wish.
Use together as one large table or separate as two benches.
Great around a fire-pit, on the deck or around the yard.
Built of Beautiful Western Red Cedar, Choose Clear or Knotty
Seats 6 adults comfortably.
All edges rounded over.

Dan describes how this table works

Dan shows the Western Red Cedar we use.


  • Our Universal 72″ Combination Table/Benchs (Set of Two), are built to last.
  • Built mostly of 2×6 stock.
  • Seats 6 adults.
  • 100% Western Red Cedar, Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 76″
  • Length 72″
  • Weight 125#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

34 reviews for Universal 72″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

  1. Pretty Good/Ok.

    Martin Bush from Oakland, CA United States
    Not the most stable feeling table. There is some play in the assembly so when you put your weight on the table edge as you sit down/stand up the table surface will tilt enough to make you flinch. I wish the predrilled holes were straighter as well, but that’s a small detail. The seat is a little far from the bench back to be comfortable for most, there just isn’t support where my weight wants to be so there is a strain on the lower back. They do look good, the wood choice is nice and practical. When designing for the best of both worlds you do have to make compromises, and I should have expected to experience these sorts of things. I plan to add braces or another pin slot to address the table tilt, or add another plank to the seats to turn these into permanent benches. I wouldn’t order these again, but I may return to purchase the non-folding picnic table.

  2. Great Piece of Furniture

    Sammy Dewald from Greenville, SC United States
    We are enjoying the convertible benches that change into a picnic table. We love using them as often as we can on our deck. The wood quality is exceptional and the system design for the piece is very good. The only change I would make is swapping the pins used for the position holes for ones that have significant handles to better grasp the pins for removal and replacement.

  3. Nice Table

    Arielle Obrien from Oakland, CA
    After lots of research on table options we chose the combo table. We have had it about 3 months now and while we use it mostly in the bench position we have had several opportunities to make it a table and like having it as an option. It is built strong and the cedar is very nice and colorfully.

  4. Nice for us

    Nancy Wenning from Berlin, MD
    A friend sent us information about Dan’s folding table and it was appealing to us due to our small outside space for entertaining. We since made our purchase and after using it for a month now like the options it gives us. We use it most in the bench position.

  5. 72″ Combination Table/Bench

    David Riker from Robinson, IL United States
    This picnic table/bench is a great piece for our patio, very high quality craftsmanship. I have received many compliments. I am so glad that I purchased this table/bench, and if there is anything else that I may want for the patio I will go to Dan’s to get it.

  6. Our Review is Buy One!

    Czarnowki from Corpus Christi, TX
    We made a move in all this pandemic mess and needed a table and seating for our patio. Since we are all stuck at home we googled cedar picnic tables and found Dans Outdoor Furniture. We liked the idea of one piece of furniture working as 3 possible pieces and bought one. I came quickly 7 days later. It was easy to put together with the markings and instructions provided. We love the table and the benches. Flips easily and quickly. Now I have my eye on the double swing.

  7. Oodles of options

    Bonnie Hoffman from Milwaukee WI
    Dan goes the extra mile to please his customers. We needed our table quick and he did it in 3 days! Wonderful design and smell! Well worth the money.

  8. Better than advertised

    Drury from Paradise Valley, AZ
    Hey, love our benches and glad we found your furniture in Google. We have used them as benches the most but like having the options of the table when needed. We used the Rymar as you suggested and like the color. We would like to buy some gifts for our family for Christmas from you soon.

  9. Like the options

    oe Pineau from Cameron Park, CA
    Didn’t know what we wanted due to lack of space on our patio, but my wife found this design of table and it works great for us. We like the solid 2″ cedar and it turns out to be strong and tip proof.

  10. Works great

    Mohsin Kandepet from Watsonville, CA
    Beautiful cedar benches! We really like it.

  11. Like my options

    Kenneth Hillman from Vineyard Haven MA
    We had two needs, a table and extra seating. We don’t use a table a lot so this idea was a good option for us. Since we set it up we us it as benches most of the time but like the table also when it is used. Thanks for such a versatile product.

  12. Nice Product

    Joseph Sawicki from Glen Arbor, MI
    Hey, thanks for the great table. We have used it a couple of times already and like the multi-uses idea. Nice cedar in it also. Looks and smells great!

  13. Perfect

    Anissa Rawlings from Cambridge OH
    Using our table around our campfire and it is wonderful. Have used it as a table when eating and snacking and then as benches to sit at around the fire. Solid cedar is very good quality and beautiful.

  14. Great quality

    A Charnik from Delray Beach, FL
    Letting you know of how we are using our table and benches around our patio. Very well built and have already used them over the Easter weekend.

  15. Cool Table

    Robert M from Houston TX
    Versatile, well built and strong. Pretty good price for cedar.

  16. Great!

    Anonymous Person from Oakland, CA
    We like our table-benches. Design is clever and it was simple to put together.

  17. Great deal on very high quality furniture

    Jonathan Gleklen from RIVA, MD United States
    The combination table/bench was easy to assemble and looks beautiful.

  18. Quality

    Kohler from Bowling Green, KY
    We had seen something similar to this design and searched online finding Dan’s Outdoor Furniture. Our purchase was smooth and item shipped to us in excellent packaging and was very simple to assemble. Great instructions. We love the option of a table or benches. Highly recommend this table.

  19. Love Dan’s Furniture!

    Geralds from Billings MT
    Second time buyer and very pleased with our picnic table and now our benches. Ordered two!

  20. Easy set up

    ANISSA THOMAS from PRIOR LAKE, MN United States
    I wanted something already set up but this is what we found and liked. It was super easy to put together. I’m already looking to get something else from them.

  21. Cool

    Anonymous Person from Portland, OR
    Great solution for outdoor seating and using as an occasional picnic table for us. Very good construction, great packaging and was a great buying experience. Would do it again!

  22. Cedar smells so good

    Ali Jensen from Wheeling WV
    Love our cedar table and the versatility of being benches or a table. Talked to Dan before ordering and he helped me with my questions of where the cedar comes from and how stable the table is.

  23. Very Nice

    Anonymous Person from San Mateo, CA
    Happy with this table and its multiple uses.

  24. perfect for us

    JH from Cleveland Burbs, OH
    With limited space and storage we choose the flipping table and like it very much. Solid cedar with all screw fasteners sealed the deal. Buy it, we like our.

  25. Didn’t know it existed!

    Renae Costa from Medicine Lake, MT
    What a great table design we found in this table. Like the option of table or bench.

  26. Wonderful Idea

    Linas Company from NJ
    The combo table it perfect for us. Fits well in our limited space and is very functional. Cedar Rocks!!

  27. Love at first sight!

    Bill Edler from Ponca City, OK
    We bought a set of these last week and love them. They work prefect around our fire pit. What a great idea!

  28. Love them

    Pearl Hastings from Littleton, CO
    We found this item with a Google search. We are very happy with them and the quality of the construction.

  29. Nice work

    Ruth from US
    Thank you for the great job you did in building our table. It was not difficult to assemble and serves our needs perfectly.

  30. Happy aaa+

    Lesly Milhouse from Ohio
    Love this tables functionality as well as how well built it is.

  31. Perfect

    Burk from Hamilton, IN
    Love it!

  32. Love the functionality.

    Anonymous Person from Nebraska
    Very good design and built to take anything you can give it.

  33. Happy

    Rosses from Maine
    Great idea for a table and wonderful to flip into 2 benches. We used it many times already this summer.

  34. Best idea yet

    Anonymous Person from USA
    We bought 2 of these for around our firepit and like the option of being able to use them as benches or when we eat as a full size picnic table. They are well built and solid.

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