Universal 60″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)


Universal 60″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

(8 customer reviews)

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Unique, useful design!

  • 100% Clear Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 76″
  • Length 60″
  • Weight 115#


Universal 60″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

Our Universal Table/Benches are built for lots of uses.
Four pins lock the table of bench as you wish.
Use together as one large table or separate as two benches.
Great around a fire-pit, on the deck or around the yard.
Built of Beautiful Clear, Western Red Cedar

Seats 4 adults comfortably.
All edges rounded over.

Dan explains how this table works.

A closer look at the cedar we use.


  • Our Universal 60″ Combination Table/Benches (Set of Two), are built to last.
  • Built mostly of 2×6 stock.
  • Seats 4 adults.
  • 100% Clear, Western Red Cedar
  • Assembly Required

Technical Specs

  • 100% Clear Western Red Cedar
  • All Screw Construction
  • Table Height 30″
  • Width 76″
  • Length 60″
  • Weight 115#

Extended Information

Since 1984 we have been building quality outdoor furniture. If you like real wood and the smell of cedar, the lasting ability of cedar and the look of cedar, you will love our products.

8 reviews for Universal 60″ Combination Table/Bench (Set of Two)

  1. Works Wonderful

    Boudreau from Santa Barbara, CA
    We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for on our patio but as we searched online, this table caught our eye. We purchased the 5′ model, and it is just what we needed. We leave it as benches most of the time but have used it as a table more than a few times and it is so nice to have. Thanks!!

  2. Strong

    Jennifer Reo from Alexandria, VA
    We have been home more and decided it was time to use our back yard more even though it is small. We wanted a table in a small area and went to searching for a good fit. We found this table and bench design and thought it would give us more options . It is very solid and strong. We have used it as benches more than the table so we are so glad we bought it.

  3. Fits out needs

    Edgar Hooley from Lamesa TX
    Found this table on Pinterest and tracked it down to Dan’s website and ordered it there. Works perfect for us as we use the benches most of the time but occasionally need a table. Solid cedar is rock solid and a very good grade of cedar.

  4. 4′ table/ bench special order

    SARAH GREGORY from MISSOULA, MT United States
    So far, so good. It’s sealed and assembled. Arrived just fine. The table ready for use.

  5. Like our options

    Bennett Wood from Monument, CO
    We’ve looked for the perfect table in our small outdoor space and found this combo table and bought one. Very nice design and we enjoy the different options it provides. Highly recommend.

  6. Hard to find

    Ken Janoe from Lake Stevens, WA USA
    Just the right size for our patio and giving us the options we wanted all in one purchase. Thanks!!

  7. Thanks Dan!

    Debra Baney from San Diego, CA
    We had a limited space in which to put a table and when we saw an option for a table that also is two benches we thought it might just work. But after measuring and looking at the size of the table it was just too big. So I called and talked to Dan and he agreed to build us a five foot table instead. So, after using it for a while, it is prefect for our space and we choose to keep it as two benches most of the time. Thanks for going above and beyond for us!

  8. John Tompkins

    Overall very pleased with the project…. Exactly what we needed.
    a. Quality of wood, design, fit up ….just great.
    b. Went with your recommendation on sealant, and very pleased with the results. We chose clear understanding that the wood will grey over time.
    c. My mistake: I applied the sealer before assembly, so inadvertently, covered up some of the match marks…. To rediscover.
    d. Challenge: getting all the screws to lineup exactly to frame. I think I might reconsider, setting my drill driver to a torque to just to keep the screw flush with the surface.
    e. Recommendation: consider a template to pre-drill the top-holes only – exactly the same line/spacing for looks – with some pencil lines on the under side of the seat. You’re the expert, so maybe the intent to tap into the frame with holes to prevent splitting?… and it is just a picnic table.
    f. Shipping/creating….. really good and secure.

    Thanks again and really appreciate your craftsmanship with quality.

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